Rotax Releases Service Instruction Revision and Manual Revisions

SI-912-020 / SI-914-022 R5



Rotax has released a Revised Service Instruction for 912 / 914 series engines

covering the running modifications on ROTAX engine type 912/914 series.


This Service Instruction lists the latest modifications that have been made to ROTAX 4 stroke engines and components.
This is for information only and there are no requirements for component replacement.
Of note in this revision of the Service Instruction is the introduction of a new style fuel pump for the ROTAX 912 series.
The fuel pump is available with attached fire-sleeved hoses (part # 893114) or with barbed fittings only (part # 893110)
See our latest BLOG item discussing the new style fuel pump
Also introduced is a new oil filter for the ROTAX 912 series, part # 825012.
This new oil filter is slightly taller than the previous filters.
New filter height = 72mm
Previous filter height = 68.5mm

SI-912-020 / SI-912-022 R5 

Running modifications on ROTAX Engine Type 912 and 914 (Series)

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914 Operators Manual
2 Stroke Illustrated Parts Catalog



Operators Manual Type 914 (Series) - Edition 2, Revision 1
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914om Illustrated Parts Catalog 447UL, 503UL, 582UL, 618UL - Edition 3, Revision 1
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