Rotax Releases Alert Service Bulletin ASB-912-059 / 914-042

SB-912-059 / SB-912-059-UL
SB-914-042 / SB-914-042-UL
Checking of the crankshaft for Rotax 912 and 914 series engines.



Rotax has released a Mandatory Alert Service Bulletin which covers checking of the crankshaft journal for cracks on certain Rotax 912 and 914 series aircraft engines including a small portion of serial specific crankshafts sold as spare parts. This ASB is serial number specific and affects certain crankshafts produced in October & November of 2010.


AND REPLACED IT WITH SB-912-059/914-042


To better assist Owners and Operators in determining if their engines are affected by this Critical to Safety ASB, and if so as to what steps need to be followed to take corrective action, Rotax-Owner has released additional expanded information on same including a FREE video covering the specific details of the ASB itself. This FREE Video will help Owners and Operators better understand the best way to review the ASB and take any required corrective action.


Also released for additional support of those Owners and Operators who’s engines are affected by the ASB, is the following information (also see attachments and links below):


1) “FREE” Video covering the details of the ASB itself and how owners can best comply.
2) E-learning video on magnetic plug removal and inspection.
3) E-Learning video on gear box removal and replacement.
4) Expanded instructions on Dye and Fluorescent Penetrant testing.
5) A detailed “Quick Check Serial Number list” of affected engines, crankshafts and Short blocks.
6) PDF copy of ASB-912-059 and 914-042 as well as UL versions of same for non-certified engines.


It is imperative that all Owners and Operators cross check their engine serial numbers to assure this ASB does not affect them. In addition, any Owners and Operators who’s engine may have been overhauled or repaired since October 2010 which included a crank shaft or short block with crank shaft replacement, cross check their crank shaft serial number to the crank shaft serial number list in the ASB to assure they are also not affected(see the “Quick Check Serial Number List” attached below or by clicking here).


Serial numbers for Certified and Non-Certified engines are listed in separate bulletins.  Be sure to check the corresponding bulletin for your engine type (see PDF copy of Bulletins below).  Serial numbers for Certified engines are listed in Alert Service Bulletin ASB-912-059/914-042.  Serial numbers for Non-Certified engines are listed in Alert Service Bulletin ASB-912-059UL/914-042UL.  The “UL” designates Non-Certified engines.


Certified engines are identifiable by a RED colored serial number tag (located on the ignition housing).  Non-Certified engines have a BLACK serial number tag.


Engines and crankshafts found to be within the affected serial number ranges as listed in the ASB, must be checked before further flight is permitted, but at the latest before January 1st 2012. ( SB-912-059/914-042 HAS NOW EXTENDED THE COMPLIANCE DATE TO APRIL 1, 2012).  If you find your serial number is in the affected range, and a Ferry Flight is required to move the aircraft to an acceptable NDT inspection facility, you must conduct an immediate magnetic plug inspection first (click here to see e-learning video on magnetic plug inspection). If no unusual or excess material is found on the magnetic plug, further flight to a maximum of 4 hrs. is permitted. This is to allow the aircraft to be taken to a qualified facility for final NDT testing to determine if the crankshaft has any crack formation. This NDT test is not re-occurring and any engines/crankshafts which pass the inspection are deemed unaffected and therefore can continue service with no further action (click here to see e-learning video on gear box removal and replacement).


It should be noted the NDT Penetration test (DIN EN 571) as listed in the bulletin, may not meet compliance with testing requirements of all aviation authorities in all countries. A suitable and equivalent test that can be used is an NDT Fluorescent Penetration test (ASTM 1417-05-E1). In all cases, such NDT testing should be conducted by a qualified technician approved by your local aviation authorities(click here to see expanded instructions for dye and florescent penetrant testing).

AND REPLACED IT WITH SB-912-059/914-042

Click HERE to download a copy of this Service Bulletin
for UL engines.


Click HERE to download a copy of this Service Bulletin
for Certified engines.






Quick Check Serial Number List

A PDF list of engine and crankshaft serial numbers affected by ASB-912-059/914-042





Additional NDT Inspection Information


Crankshaft crack inspection can be performed by a Non Destructive Testing (NDT) facility using fluorescent

or dye penetrant testing.
Check local laws for appropriate NDT testing requirements in your region.

There are several products available to perform dye or fluorescent penetrant testing.
The following is product information for dye and fluorescent penetrant products that may be applicable for use in your region.


spotcheck Spotcheck


Download PDF

spotcheck2 Spotcheck Instructions


Download PDF

zyglo Zyglo


Download PDF

zyglo2 Zyglo Instructions


 Download PDF


Expanded Instruction VIDEOS


Expanded instructions for ASB-912-059/914-042

This video covers how to determine if your engine is affected and how to comply with the requirements of inspecting the 912 / 914 crankshaft for cracks.


Magnetic Plug Removal and Inspection

Video covering detailed instructions on how to remove and inspect the magnetic plug

on a Rotax 912 / 914 series engine.


 Locking the Crankshaft

Video covering detailed instructions on locking the crankshaft on a Rotax 912/914 engine


 Gearbox Removal and Replacement

Video covering detailed instructions removing and replacing the gearbox and drive gear on a Rotax 912/914 engine