For Sale: 4-into-1 merge collector and cylinder exhaust sockets + lightweight flanges for Rotax 912 or 914. All parts 304/321 stainless steel. I purchased these parts from Experimental Aircraft Exhaust (aka Stainless Headers) to make a custom exhaust for my Edge Performance 912sti. The collector was slightly too long to fit the cowl, and I received a set of sockets/flanges from Edge Performance, so I do not need these components. The collector includes 4x double slip rings (like the stock exhaust) and utilizes a T25 bolt pattern (like stock exhaust), tapped with 10x1.5mm threads. You can attach a turbo to the flange (will require bushings for 8mm hardware) or a single downpipe/muffler for NA applications. To create a custom exhaust you simply need 1.25" tubing to run between the cylinder sockets and collector. Price new from Experimental Aircraft Exhaust for the collector and 4x sockets+flanges was $960. Asking $550 for everything, free shipping. Can include a box of cutoffs and a 90 deg bend for $50. 

Contact je_stewart@hotmail.com and use the subject line "Rotax exhaust parts".

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