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IRMT 914 Service


1. General Knowledge of Rotax 4 stroke Aircraft Engines
2. General Knowledge Aircraft systems and terminology


Intended Audience:
Owner / Operator / Maintenance technicians seeking in-depth knowledge for the proper operation and Servicing of the Rotax 914 Aircraft Engine.

3 Day course covering the following with reference to the Line Maintenance and Operators Manuals:
• Communications & Publications:
    Locating and understanding information such as Operators Manuals, Maintenance Manuals & Service Information
• Breaking down the engine into systems allows understanding of the engine without being overwhelmed:
     • Ignition System
     • Cooling System
     • Lubrication System
     • Fuel System
     • Carburetion
     • Gearbox
     • Instrumentation Systems
• Basic servicing including verifying oil level, checking of magnetic plug, performing an oil change, inspecting oil filter for
   contamination and purging of the oil system
• Checking propeller gearbox general condition and verifying friction torque.
• Carburetor Synchronization and needle adjustment.
• Differential and direct compression tests.
• Inspections as per manufacturer’s published maintenance schedules.
• Ensure the proper function of the 914 Series engine fuel system.
• Inspect the turbo system and all mechanically related components.
• Calibrate the throttle positioning sensor.
• Verify the proper functioning of the waste gate.
• Inspect and verify for the proper function of all engine sensors.
• Retrieve information from the turbo control unit (TCU).
• Test run the engine and confirm that it is operating within prescribed parameters           


A must for everyone operating or maintaining a ROTAX 914 engine!
At the end of this 3 day Service course, the learner will have gained basic proficiency and pre-requisite experience required to perform routine maintenance up to an Annual Inspection.


• Certificate of attendance awarded for successful completion.
• Eligibility to enter the iRMT Maintenance Course (914 Series).
• Serves as pre-requisite experience for engine type as listed in FAR 65.81.
• Serves as 24 hours of initial, recurrent or update training when and where applicable.