ROTALK - About Us

ROTALK is a web based support system which allows our registered members a common access point for locating key Information - Education - Support for their Rotax Aircraft Engines.


ROTALK is about "INFORMATION" via our informative website which allows ROTALK members access to ROTAX Service Information (SI), Service Bulletin (SB) and Service Letter (SL) releases.  This unique service can also give automatic e-mail notification of such releases by the Rotax factory via simple and straight forward registration process.  In addition, our expanded technical explanations and unique video instructions which might accompany any such factory release further enhance the ability of the reader to understand the technical issue and/or flight safety message.


By staying informed via ROTALK's exclusive e-mail notification system, our members greatly improve the safe operation of their Rotax Engine.


ROTALK is about "EDUCATION" via our associated independent Rotax Training Organizations (iRTO) which meet or exceed strict Rotax authorization guidelines assuring the most comprehensive technical training available for the Rotax Aircraft Engine world wide


All iRTO programs are delivered by independent Rotax Technical Instructors (iRTI) of the highest quality and expertise.


The result is independent Rotax Maintenance Technician (iRMT) programs not only designed to give existing mechanics, light Sport Repairmen or AME/A&P the required pre-requisite experience needed to repair and maintain Rotax Aircraft Engines, but to also expand the base of knowledgeable technicians in the field who can offer local service at all levels.


ROTALK is about "SUPPORT" by bringing together in one group the most highly trained and competent individuals and organizations from around the world who are dedicated to the professional support of Rotax Aircraft Engines, ROTALK delivers unsurpassed value to its registered users.


Authorized Rotax Aircraft Engine Distributors and their respective Service Centers, Repair Centers and OEM’s all support ROTALK as an efficient way to assure their customers have common access to the best service possible.

In summary... ROTALK programs are designed to improve the overall Flight Safety  and general operation of the Rotax Aircraft Engine!  Whether you're an end user operator, maintenance technician, Light Sport Repairman, AME, A&P, OEM or work for a Governmental Agency, signing up for ROTALK services is the best way to stay informed about the latest news in Rotax Aircraft Engines!


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