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pdf 582 Rotary Valve Timing

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Download (pdf, 416 KB)


This document describes the different valve timings used in various models of ROTAX 582 aircraft engines.
(Includes printable templates for rotary valve identification.)

default 912 / 914 Cooling Popular

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Download (pdf, 1.14 MB)

ROAN cooling.pdf

pdf 912iS BUDS (optional) Y-cable wiring diagram

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Download (pdf, 391 KB)


This is a wiring diagram for an optional Y-cable which is sometimes required to connect a ROTAX 912iS BUDS set to an aircraft which has dual (LANE A / LANE B) diagnostic ports. This cable is not supplied with the BUDS set.

pdf 914 TCU Software Tips Popular

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Download (pdf, 921 KB)


A guide to installation and configuration of the ROTAX 914 TCU (Turbo Control Unit) software package.

default Avgas and Autogas mixing Popular

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pdf Carburetor Troubleshooting Popular

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Download (pdf, 323 KB)

ROAN Carb Troubleshooting.pdf

default Fire sleeve info Popular

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Download (pdf, 41 KB)

ROAN fireSleeve info.pdf

pdf First Start Checklist for ROTAX 912 & 914 Popular

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Download (pdf, 38 KB)


ROTAX 912 & 914 first start checklist

default Full flow oil fittings Popular

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Download (pdf, 24 KB)

ROAN full flow fittings.pdf

default Internal generator checks Popular

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Download (pdf, 26 KB)

ROAN Internal Generator Checks.pdf

pdf On condition program (Canada only) Popular

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Download (pdf, 39 KB)

ROAN guidelines for going on-condition.pdf

In Canada, Airworthiness Notice B041 allows an engine to be maintained "on-condition".  

(Note that ROTAX does not approve or recognize any on-condition program, so if outside of Canada, check regulations in your own jurisdiction.)

default P leads Popular

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Download (pdf, 279 KB)

ROAN P lead.pdf

archive ROTAX 914 Log File Decoding and Visualization

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Download (zip, 1.20 MB)


This zip archive package contains the PDF document "ROTAX 914 Log File Decoding and Visualization" as well as three Excel spreadsheet templates to assist with decoding ROTAX 914 TLR-created TCU log files.

The PDF provides background information about the TCU data files, along with instructions on how to convert the raw log files into useful XLS files for analysis and graphing.

default Tachometer troubleshooting Popular

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Download (pdf, 269 KB)

ROAN Tach Troubleshooting.pdf

pdf Understanding the Rotax 914 Popular

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