ROTAX iRMT Training

BRP-Rotax established in 2007 a globally standardized training guideline covering the different scope of work, target audiences and educational levels which ranges from familiarization to overhauling the Rotax aircraft engines. All technical training courses are offered by our Rotax authorized distributors/authorized training organizations.

The iRMT Training Pyramid is built on 5 main levels:

1. Familiarization Course
    Pilots, homebuilders, managers and owners etc. as a first information on the product line

2. Service Course
    Most popular for most technicians needs

3. Maintenance Course
    Flying schools, OEMs and FBOs should have technicians at this level

4. Heavy Maintenance Course
    More specialized with required experience, tools and facilities

 5. Overhaul Course
    Heavily restricted to authorized facilities only

The iRMT Training improves The Customer Experience by:

• Achieving a consistent and sustainable quality standard across our network and products.
• Enhancing our network’s ability to professionally meet engine support needs.
• Prompt and accurate turnaround for customer service and maintenance needs.

Light Sport Repairman (LSR) Training

In the United States, the FAA has addressed concerns about who would maintain LSA after these aircraft were certificated. The solution was to issue a repairman (LSA) certificate, similar in function to the repairman certificate that is issued to the builder of an experimental amateur-built aircraft. This repairman (LSA) certificate complements certificates issued to Airframe and Powerplant (A&P) mechanics and appropriately rated repair stations. 

REPAIRMAN (LSA) RATINGS. The repairman (LSA) certificate has two ratings: “inspection” or “maintenance.” 

A person holding a repairman (LSA) certificate with an inspection rating is limited to performing the annual condition inspection on an ELSA certificated under § 21.191(i) that the repairman owns and that is identified on the repairman certificate by the aircraft registration and serial number. Non-ownership of the aircraft identified on the holder’s repairman certificate will suspend the privileges of the certificate.

A person holding a repairman (LSA) certificate with a maintenance rating may perform maintenance and required inspections on SLSA and perform annual condition inspections on ELSA. The repairman can also perform ADs and or Aircraft Manufacturer Safety Directives issued against FAA-approved products installed on SLSA. Repairman privileges do not extend to performing maintenance on aircraft issued a standard airworthiness certificate or any kind of special airworthiness certificates other than those issued under §§ 21.190 and 21.191(i), even if those aircraft meet the definition of LSA as identified in § 1.1 (e.g., Piper J-3 Cub or RV-4). Each airman is also limited to the appropriate class of aircraft on which he or she received training (e.g., weight-shift-control aircraft or powered parachutes).

Light Aircraft Association (LAA) Training

In the United Kingdom, the LAA regularly presents a number of aircraft engineering courses.