About the Light Aircraft Association:
"With almost 70 years of history, no other UK association has the depth of knowledge and experience in looking after our sport. From lowly beginnings we have built an impressive association that today boast around 8,000 members and oversees the airworthiness of 2,600 aircraft, plus a further 1,500 aircraft build projects.  We’ve forged an enviable reputation for determination and fairness within the corridors of power in the UK and Europe and are one of the principle representative groups providing balanced consultative input on matters such as airspace, planning and safety regulation. At our core is the amateur build aircraft movement and the comprehensive engineering facilities that support the Permit to Fly airworthiness system.  A full time staff of qualified engineers and a countrywide network of Inspectors help make owning and flying your own aircraft both possible and affordable.  Nowhere will you find a comparative level of expertise, indeed a number of European civil aviation authorities base the suitability of any new amateur build design on whether it meets with LAA’s approval processes."

LAA aircraft engineering courses are presented at various locations in the UK.
Past topics have included Aircraft Woodwork, Owner Maintenance, Aircraft Metalwork, An Introduction to Aircraft Fabric, Rotax 9-Series Engines, Electrical Wiring, English Wheeling, Composites.


British Microlight Aircraft Association - INSPECTIONS :
The British Microlight Aircraft Association inspectorate is a group of highly dedicated and experienced volunteers who act on behalf of the membership to ensure there is oversight of the BMAA microlight fleet.  Inspectors are appointed by the BMAA to carry out inspections of microlights.  This includes modifications as well as repairs and their associated documents. The inspection work is entirely for the benefit of BMAA members, helping them keep their aircraft airworthy at a reasonable cost. 

Applications may be made through the BMAA Technical Office in the UK. After a successful assessment, an Apprenticeship can be undertaken.