Rotax Minute - 914 Turbocharger Oil System

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This video explains the operation of the ROTAX 914 series turbocharger oil system, and provides turbocharger troubleshooting information and valuable turbo system maintenance tips.
Video Length: 14:59



Rotax Minute - 912 Carburetor Vent Lines

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This video discusses the carburetor vent lines on ROTAX 912 series engines, and examines how proper installation of the carb vent lines can prevent rough running.
Video Length: 5:20



Rotax Minute - 582 Rotary Valve Timing

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This video looks at how to properly set the rotary valve timing for a ROTAX 582 aircraft engine.
Video Length: 5:15



Rotax Minute - New Cylinder Heads

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UPDATED 2017. This video looks at key differences in the new-style (2013 version) cylinder heads for Rotax 912 / 914 series aircraft engines.
Video Length: 7:49



Rotax Minute - 914 TCU Software Setup

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UPDATED FOR 2017: This “Rotax Minute” video details the hardware and software requirements for calibration and data recall on the Rotax 914 Turbo Control Unit (TCU). Learn how to configure the TLR software using your own lap top computer.
Video Length: 11:33


Rotax Minute - Component Temperatures

Rotax Ownerp_4carb_3This video covers the monitoring of component temperature limits on Rotax 912 / 914 series aircraft engines.
Video Length: 3:11


Rotax Minute - Charging System Troubleshooting

Rotax Ownerp_4carb_3This video details procedures to troubleshoot charging system issues such as over voltage on Rotax 912 / 914 series aircraft engines.
Video Length: 7:38

Rotax Minute - Spark Plug Thermal Paste

Rotax Ownerp_4carb_3Ever wonder why Rotax recommends the use of thermal paste on the spark plugs? This video discusses the purpose and proper procedures for the use of thermal paste.
Video Length: 3:00

Rotax Minute - Carburetor Arm Bushings

Rotax Ownerp_4carb_3This video shows how to repair and prevent damage to your 4 stroke carburetor arms and brackets caused by the return spring.
Video Length: 3:00


Rotax Minute - Coolant Elbow Maintenance

p_4carb_3p_4carb_3This video details procedures for removing and replacing a coolant elbow on a 4 stroke aircraft engine.
Video Length: 7:18

Rotax Minute - K&N Air Filter Servicing

Rotax Ownerp_4carb_3This video details procedures for washing and oiling K&N air filters. See tips on how to properly service these filters for specific use on Rotax aircraft engines, as well as tips to help avoid potential problems.
Video Length: 4:53

Rotax Minute - 2 Stroke Oil Injection Hookup & Purging

p_4carb_3p_4carb_3This video in the new "Rotax Minute" series demonstrates how to set the oil injection arm position and how to purge the oil pump ready for first start up on a Rotax 2 Stroke Aircraft Engine.
Video Length: 2:53