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New Fuel Pump Assembly- 912 series

Written by  Rotax Owner

p_newpumpRotax has introduced a new fuel pump assembly for the ROTAX 912 series aircraft engines.

This new style pump does not mandate that old style pumps be changed, it is only an up-dated replacement part now available in spare parts and supplied with new engines.


The new fuel pump will be introduced on new engines manufactured from early May onward.  Replacement fuel pumps will be available as spare parts with Rotax part numbers as follows:

Fuel pump with barbed hose fittings - Rotax part number 893110

Fuel pump with attached fire-sleeved hoses - Rotax part number 893114

The following will provide more information including photographs, diagrams and special installation considerations.



Details on the new fuel pump assembly can be found in the latest revision of Rotax Service Instruction SI-912-020/914-022 Revision 5.  Specific serial numbers of engines which have the new fuel pump already installed during manufacturing can be found in chapter 73-00-00, section 4.1 of the Service Instruction.  The Service Instruction document can be downloaded for all 912 series engines by clicking on the link below:

SI-912-020/914-022 Revision 5


Some important considerations for this new style fuel pump assembly:



  • When installing the fuel pump, a new isolating flange (gasket) must be used.
    In addition, the new fuel pump requires an o-ring (part # 631870) between the
    fuel pump assembly and the isolating flange (part # 950228)

  • A "drainage line" must be attached to the bottom nipple fitting to accommodate
    potential overflowing fuel / oil in the event of internal pump diaphragm or seal
    failure. This drainage line must be routed to an appropriate area away from hot
    engine parts etc.  It is important that the drainage line be routed to a ram air and
    vacuum free zone, it must NOT be routed into the slipstream.  The drainage line
    must have a continuous slope downward and must be protected from blockage
    (e.g. formation of ice).

  • Maintenance requirements include inspection of the drainage line for damage
    including blockage.

  • The fuel pump cover assembly is held on with 7 screws. This is for assembly
    purposes only during manufacturing, the pump is not rebuild-able nor is it intended
    that it be disassembled for maintenance.


For more information on parts availability, installation or maintenance, please contact your nearest Distributor, Service Center or Repair Center.

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0 #11 new pump high pressurejay white 2011-10-31 23:25
I installed the new pump and got high pressure readings and fuel venting from the carbs. Replacing the pump with a second attempt had the same results. I am working on the problem but understand I am not alone. Apparently its not as easy a fix as I thought.
0 #10 forumRemo Trovato 2011-07-08 22:44
Hi John
I think you might get more answers if you post this in the forum
-1 #9 Check Valve - new requirement?bigjohn 2011-07-08 06:30
I downloaded the SI. 73-00-00 page 7 says in a CAUTION statement that a parellel check valve should be installed with the new pump. My RV-12, built to the specs, includes no such valve. Does this mean I have to buy the check valve and figure out my own way of plumbing it in order to use the new pump?
-4 #8 In Stockleaf 2011-07-06 13:26
Contact Leading Edge Air Foils 1-800-532-3462 they have the Fuel pump with barbed hose fittings - Rotax part number 893-110 in stock
-1 #7 ownerrolltoptim 2011-07-05 09:03
I'm wondering if the new fuel pump is available and what the cost is
+2 #6 Linkrotaxowner 2011-05-31 10:17
Link now corrected, sorry for any confusion.
-1 #5 Incorrect Link?bigjohn 2011-05-31 07:41
The link above for the Service Bulletin seems to be wrong. Takes you to the SB about the washers.
0 #4 Cost?bigjohn 2011-05-31 07:37
Where do you order the new pumps, and how much do they cost?
+1 #3 Flight Schoolsnofly 2011-05-24 16:06
We had the old fuel pump fail with 350 hrs. The rivet that holds the diaphram came loose and the engine quit on takeoff.
Fortunately no serious injuries only a totaled aircraft. About time they came to the plate and changed the design. Notified Rotax the quality control was lacking, never heard from anyone?
+1 #2 Rotax ownerjliljefors 2011-05-24 14:06
My fuel pump is just about to give up so i have grounded myself. The lead time for this new pump still seems to be a few weeks. I really hope these will be available asap!

If anyone knows where I could get a hold of one of these today that would be much appreciated.