Hi guys.

Just finally got the "582 wont start" problem sorted by replacing the Stator Plate, but have a new problem just arose last week.

I previously (even with the crook Stator plate) always got 6700 rpm on take of, but last week, a few days before replacing the Stator plate, I lost 700. Now only getting 6000rpm full throttle. I thought that replacing the Stator would probably fix it, but it has not. Very disapointed. Heres what I done so far without any effect on the problem.

1/ Drained old fuel and replaced with a new batch just in case of crook fuel.
2/ Replaced plugs with ones with fixed caps
3/ Cleaned air filter the best I can...BTW, is there any special way to clean air filter?
4/ Checked inside carby to make sure I was getting full throttle.
5/ Replaced inlet manifold rubbers as one was cracked slightly.
6/ Made sure oil header tank had oil.
7/ Replaced fuel filters

Does anyone else have other ideas?

Thanks... Mike
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    This might be a long shot but being you discovered you had a bad stator perhaps you are getting a bad tach single? Before I would start making major changes I would check the accuracy of your current tach to be sure it is reading correctly. Barring that, I would remove the exhaust "Y" pipe and look into the exhaust ports at the pistons and rings for damage, signs of seizure and/or stuck rings etc.. It might be possible you've suffered a partial piston seizure which is easy enough to check so you may as well eliminate that as being a possibility!

    Good Luck

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    Hey Ralph...thanks for that.

    Unfortunately I started getting the lower readings abouit 2 weeks before replacing the Stator plate. The mechanic suggested the stator would fix the problem, but did not.

    I would like to check the tacho first but cant think of how I can do this without paying $100 for a Tiny Tach first.

    Can you check the rings through the carby side ports? Because the exhaust is much harder to remove.


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    I am with Ralph...the tachs for the Rotax engine can be way out...I use this model of tach,


    Very accurate but needs care to get correct results....and the down side it needs a small sticky piece of reflector tape sticking to the prop then the added risk of being near the rotating prop...unless a rotating part of the engine is visible,

    Unbelievable how they can make them so cheap,

    What RPM drop do you get between mags,


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    Hey nick...thanks for that. I just ordered one from hong kong for $12 delivered to door. Said it could take 20 days to get here.

    Right mag drop = 100
    Left mag drop = 200 without any decernable engine note change


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    Hi Michael hope you find it useful...I should have said...the 1st one I got started being temperamental a few weeks after it arrived...but the guy sent me a new one with out question...not even req the old one back,

    Of course with me taking a reading at the prop hub...thats where I stick the reflector....you have to get the calculator out to do the maths with the gearbox ratio,

    Of course if your engine has a rotating part visible its a lot simpler.


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