Rpm drop

Category: 912 / 914 Technical Questions 10 months ago
Hi, i am having problem during warmup.
Probably due to cold weather.
OAT is 5 celcius
I start the engine with choke and keep it 1900 rpm for 2 min and then increase throttle to around 2700 rpm for warmup and then rpm starts to drop gradually and slowly upto 1700 at the same throttle. Then i had to incease more throtte. Happens a few times until my engine is fully warmed ( cht 90 oil temp 80).
It happens only when i start it early morning.
All other engine parameters seem ok.
Now same thing happened to my friend's 912.
I have never experienced such thing before.
I replaced the mechanical fuel pump and same result no change.
Expert advise required please. Help!!!
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