I am trying to get UMA temp gauges to work with the senders that come with a new Rotax. I have been told that these would be VDO senders. I have a VDO gauge that i ordered from LEAF that works fine with the sender in the Rotax. The UMA guy says the resistance readings that my sender is putting out does not match his chart for a VDO sender. Same problem with both temps. water and oil, VDO works with either one. I need the calibration chart for the sender in the engine, the sender does not say VDO on it, and I cannot find the sender on the VDO website.
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    There are a dozen different gauge and Sender combinations.
    What is the Model number of the VDO gauge that is working? (Begins with 999-xxx-xxx)
    This will tell you the sender it was designed for.
    Looking up the sender will reveal the Temp vs. Resistance Chart.

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    Depending on your gauges and senders some may need a resistor in line.

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