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Can't remove carb inlet fuel fitting for old stainless lines.

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6 months 1 week ago #21176 by the_candourist
I need help, I'm so frustrated haha.

I can't for the life of me remove the union fitting in the inlet port on my carb. I've replaced one carb body, and so need to transfer this fitting over to the new carb in order to continue using the hard lines. There is no room for a wrench or socket head, and I'm dead out of options. Finding a replacement fitting seems impossible too, since I'm in New Zealand. Everything is 10x harder.

I'd love any tips. I'm tempted to go to a flexible line set up, but that will require me to remove the same fitting from my second carb anyway. So either way, I need to get these out.

I've modified wrenches and tried all sorts of tricks. It's in there good and if I don't get a good grip, it's not coming out.

Thanks in advance.

Attached is a diagram showing the fitting (12) that I'm trying to remove.

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6 months 1 week ago #21185 by Roger Lee
Grind the outside of the socket down and make it thinner.

Roger Lee
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6 months 1 week ago #21198 by PeterKl
If you don’t mind sacrificing the fitting grind a slot right through the center and use a screwdriver to gett it out. If I was you I’d convert to the flex fuel line.

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6 months 1 week ago #21224 by Bill Hertzel
Grinding or Sawing or any machining operation that produces hundreds of small metal particles in the close vicinity of the carburetor might not be recommended.

The fitting went ON with a tool and it will come back OFF.
A deep Socket is probably the tool of choice.
Take a set of calipers with you to the tool store and measure the OD of the available sockets.
Sometimes a 6 Point Socket has a thinner wall than the 12 point version.

If all that fails, obtain a Brass Hex Nut.
Drill out the threads so it almost fits the end of the fitting and solder it on with an electric soldering gun.
This is no place to be using a propane torch with an open flame!
If by chance it is being held by Locktite, the heat will also help in loosening it up.

Once you have it out you can de-solder the nut and remove the residual solder by wiping it with Steel Wool while the solder is still hot and molten.
You will end up with a partially Tin-Plated fitting at worse.

Bill Hertzel
Rotax 912is
North Ridgeville, OH, USA
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