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2003 912 ULS Soft Start

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5 months 2 weeks ago #21469 by ZU-EEC
2003 912 ULS Soft Start was created by ZU-EEC
Hi Roger - I have a 2003 912 ULS without a slipper clutch with 530 hours since new. I've replaced the battery, it has a gold starter, new plugs with gaps checked, and carbs properly balanced. Since I've owned it (about 20 hours ago) it always has had a "rough" start for a few seconds and then clears to run smoothly all of a sudden exactly as you described in other discussion topics I have read.

What do you think - could it be that the electronic ignition control module(s) - and if so can you talk me through what you recommend to resolve them?

Thanks! Kevin

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5 months 2 weeks ago #21475 by Roger Lee
Replied by Roger Lee on topic 2003 912 ULS Soft Start
Check the modules for a colored sticker. The 2003 912 is too old to have come with soft start, but someone may have added them. If you have the soft start modules they will have a yellow sticker on them. The older standard modules had green stickers provided someone didn't strip them off. So the soft start modules at start do run what feels like roughness for 5-6 seconds then immediately smooths out. The is the soft start modules going from a starting timing of 3 degrees ATDC to 26 BTDC.
If you have other roughness with standard modules you may be starting at too low an rpm or the choke is still engaged.

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