I got a 914-F on a power glider
Have some power up problems, it starts up fine and heating up at idle 1000-1200rpm to +50°C. When I try to increase throttle to 2000rpm it loses power and almost die. When throttling down to 1500 rpm it works fine again. After repeating this cycle a few times, it usually works fine for the rest of the day. Another method is just to leave the aircraft for 15 min, and it works fine again!?! And it’s not happening at all first startups of the day. It has never happened during a second start during the same day.
What I have checked so far is:
• Drainage of water.
• Carburetor synchronization, (mechanically)
• Hose leakages
• Fuel tank air vents
• Fuel filter
• Turbo and waste gate work as intended
Any ideas on what next step shall be is appreciated.
  • Re: Power up problems

    by » 6 months ago

    the float bowl gaskets are leaking air when you start getting boost.
    Or the bowl has been over-torqued and the bowl is warped.

    Thank you said by: 姓, xìng wang

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