I have a light plane with original Pusher Lycoming engine
After speaking to my mechanic , they advised to me change my engine with rotax 912 100hp uls
We changed engine after rolling in 150 km/h rpm droped and start to change suddenly every second my maximum rpm was 5500 after 150km/h speed come to 4800 after that 3900 and after reduce speed back to 5500 and work normally , i explain that my engine dont have airbox , when i do some test in statically all off rpm , fuel pressure , EGT , ... Is ok but in speed fuel pressure go to 0 bar , and EGT go down to 200 c and back to 600 , 700 c
Because of my engine is Pusher , engine carburator and filters is in front of wind
Also I use electrical fuel pump with regulator that have 0.3 bar fuel pressure

Any advice for me to solve problem
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