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Earthx battery

  • Ivan grutter
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1 week 1 day ago #18485 by Ivan grutter
Ivan grutter created the topic: Earthx battery
My plane sat for a few months , my earthx battery will not charge , even with jump pack attached to reset switch in battery , and charger attached , can I jump start my Rotax 912 uls and not damage my charging system , since internal battery switch may not be open , and current will not have anywhere to go , any ideas thanx ivan

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6 days 5 hours ago #18492 by Glenn Martin
Glenn Martin replied the topic: Earthx battery
I would ask EarthX directly, but I cannot see any reason for not jump starting the aircraft. I have jump started a few Rotaxes with dead batteries without any problem.

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6 days 2 hours ago #18495 by Wayne Fowler
Wayne Fowler replied the topic: Earthx battery
Ivan I am not familiar with this type of battery but if it somehow disconnects itself from your power bus then this is cause for concern. You see the Rotax charging system relies on the load of the battery to assist with the voltage regulation and if there is no load then you can expect a much higher voltage on the power bus. If you then connect any avionics onto that bus then you can expect to destroy said avionics through over voltage.
Glenn has been able to place another battery in parallel with the existing dead battery and start the engine. He has then removed the good battery leaving the load of the dead battery across the power bus and thus preventing the high voltage scenario.
This is the reason that the avionics is the last switch or breaker to be turned on after start and the first to be turned off before engine shut down.


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  • Bill Hertzel
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5 days 9 hours ago - 5 days 9 hours ago #18505 by Bill Hertzel
Bill Hertzel replied the topic: Earthx battery
What Model Battery do you have and what charger are you using?

See ... earthxbatteries.com/our-batteries/battery-charging

Most chargers will Not reset the Over Discharge feature.

Starting the engine with a jumper battery should be OK.
Leave the jumper battery attached for a few minutes until the EathX battery acquires a nominal charge.
Shut down the engine.
Remove the jump battery and confirm that the EarthX battery has reset before turning ON any onboard electronic devices.

Do not attempt flight until the EarthX battery is capable of starting the engine on its own.

If this doesn't work you may need to pull the battery and Bench charge it.
Consider that it may not be recoverable and needs to be replaced.
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