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I was trying to find ASBs and SBs applicable to a particular 912 UL engine (serial number 6,770,8XX), and did a search for "All Document types for Engine Serial #...."

One of the documents that was pulled up was ASB-912-060UL. But per section 1.1 Engines affected, the ASB was for "All versions of the engine type: - 912 UL from S/N 6,770,461 up to S/N 6,770,462 inclusive."

I can't figure out why this search would identify this ASB as being applicable to this engine, which has a serial number outside of the affected range of serial numbers. In fact, the engine was manufactured AFTER the issuance of the ASB, so presumably the factory was then properly torquing the oil pump fixing bolts, which is why it's not in the affected serial number range.

My question: Why would this search on the Rotax-Owner website pull up this ASB as being applicable?
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    Unfortunately, not all of the bulletins were structured properly for serial number search. For a better 'checklist' search by date instead (choose all documents for your engine type, issued after your production date)

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    Is there a list somewhere that the consumer can access that correlates engine serial number with production date?

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    ROTAX serial numbers don't run in exact date-correlated serial production batches for each engine, so no cross reference list is available.

    And it's important to know that serial numbers do not correlate 100% with the available document lookups, as there are various mitigating conditions to some of the bulletins and service letters.
    But if you post your engine serial number here, I can look up the date of manufacture of your engine and THEN a comprehensive list can be generated.

    If you already know the date of manufacture, you can generate the list yourself:

    1) Click on our SERVICE BULLETINS page ( )

    2) select search option "BY ENGINE MODEL"

    3) leave "All document types" selected, and choose your engine model from the list

    4) Tick the "Select Date Range" box and enter the start date as the same year and month of your engine production. (If your engine was made 15-11-2015, then enter "11/2015")

    5) enter next month as the end date ( if it's January 2019 now, then enter "02/2019" as the end date )

    6) Click on the "Search" button at the bottom of the form. A list will be generated with titles and links to EVERY document that could potentially be applicable to your particular engine. (You will have to check the specifics of each to see if your particular engine may or may not be exempted from some - depending on its current state, hours, and configuration)

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