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Has anybody had any problems with a high speed miss on their Rotax 912's? When I run up to around 4-5000 RPM I seem to be hearing a miss every once and a while. Wondered if anyone else has run into that problem. I'm ready to call the DAR, but not sure I want to before I find out more about the problem.
Any thoughts would be appreciated.
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    Sometimes I feel like very short vibration, less than a second, like a miss fire. It is so short, no tachometer variation. Also, there is no a repetitive pattern, it occurs very rarely...

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    What aircraft? A couple of things we need to know. Are the carbs synced WELL? What is the mag drop and at what rpm did you do it? I can see a vibration issue at certain rpms or a miss through out all the rpms, but not usually a miss at a certain rpm and just occasionally.

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