60+ hours here with no squawks. Standard installation as per the manual. Today I found that while activating my "start power" switch to power up my ECU and check my throttle position that the starter activated as well. I immediately suspected a short in my start switch but checked out fine. The same thing happens if the battery backup is switched on, the starter attempts to activate. I found that this happens even if X3 is disconnected from the engine fuse box.
If I understand correctly, the battery backup and start power switch connect both the airframe ground and EMS ground together. Why would this be happening all of a sudden. Ideas?
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    by » 5 months ago

    It should not be possible to crank with X3 disconnected.

    Pull the wire Off the Starter Solenoid.
    If it still cranks the Starter Solenoid is Stuck.

    Bill Hertzel
    Rotax 912is
    North Ridgeville, OH, USA
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