Found significant metal flakes on the mag plug of my 2016 912iS Sport at the 125-hour oil change. Removed and inspected gearbox to find multiple issues, planning to replace with the new design gearbox. There are two part numbers for the 912iS gearbox listed on the 2-1-19 parts list:

893341 = Gearbox Version 2
893346 = Gearbox Version 3

Can anyone tell me what is the difference between these two gearboxes for my 912iS Sport engine?

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    by » 4 weeks ago

    Follow-up, I've discovered that 'Version 2' in the parts list for the gearbox refers to a 'hollow' prop shaft for non-hydraulic-adjustable props. 'Version 3' in the parts list for the gearbox refers to a hydraulically adjustable prop shaft.

    Further, all new 912iS gearboxes should be SN 74000 or later, indicating that they include the new oiler design.


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