Hello, I am currently doing a condition inspection on a homebuilt that has the dual BING 54 carb 54/36/1625, 582 UL DCDI silver top engine. I wanted to get clarification on the 150 hr inspection as per the ROTAX schedule. As I understand it, I have to remove the cylinders and pistons for the mentioned checks/inspections? Also i am not sure at to which part number I need to order for the replacement of the needle jet and jet needle. It lists 3 different for each. I am a licensed A&P. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Hi Charlie

    The version 582 you are working with was introduced in 1988 or 1989.  Rotax lists the specs and have a full repair manual online as well as the parts book for that engine.  The inspection requirements are found in the operators manual, also listed online.  You can find these here at Rotax-owner.com or at flyrotax.com 

    To do a full 150 hour not only the pistons and barrels have to come off but the crankcase must be split with a change to the seals and gaskets.  in actual call-out of the manuals at 300 hours or 5 years it should have new pistons, seals and gaskets plus a new crankshaft.  

    The needle jet and jet needle depends on if the engine has a Rotax airbox fitted or just filters.  This is shown in a matrix in the parts manual I believe. 



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