I can't find information on 618. Is the 582 the same, but just larger?

  • Re: information on 618 and freebird LS

    by » 3 months ago

    Hi Doug

    The type 618 was a short lived production engine.  (1994) All the historical data that is available can be found at Rotax owner 2 stroke historical documents and also at Rotax Flying Club support documents.  There is an IPC and also a preliminary operators manual.  

    As for a repair manual there never was one circulated.  The crank, crankcase, cylinders and RAVE exhaust system are unique to this engine.  Rotax no longer has spares for this engine type so you may have to source parts from alternate suppliers.  (old snowmobile parts)  The piston and ignition, along with the RV intake system,  are common to the 582 but that is about it.  I know it is near impossible to find an exhaust for one now.  

    Many of the type 618 on the market were actually not the aircraft versions, most were surplus snowmobile versions.  (different crank and other things) The problem will be long term use will find you really searching for parts at some point.  


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