I removed the magneto flywheel of my rotax 582 greyhead)in order to have access to replace the crank oil seal and while cleaning it i realised the the inside 12 magnets were moving. Is there a precise position for these magnets in relation to the 2 external points or any other point of the flywheel (ie a point on magnets that must match with a point on flywheel) or may i reclue them in any position?
582_mag_2011-12-21.JPG (You do not have access to download this file.)
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    by » 12 years ago


    I have never seen this problem before and have never really paid any attention to the alignment of the magnets. Someone else on the forum might know exactly how they are supposed to line up. It may not even matter.

    Only suggestion I might make is to pull the rotor from another 582 and align the magnets like theirs in relation to the two pickup points.

    You might consider just replacing the rotor. If the magnets detach again, they could destroy the stator and possibly even damage the crank.


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    by » 12 years ago

    You should replace the rotor. The magnets are not indexed per see , however if they can turn they may or will come apart eventually and destroy the stator. Don't take a chance in the air. Fly safe.

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