just wondering?im having a hell of a time with my 447 in my supercat,after purchace and flying home (s.a) the engine ran rough and I could only get her home by flying full throttle,after trying every thing and spending$$$$$ I bought another 447 with carbie.how ever it made No change ,runs rough at idle bogs down just after idle and rpm fluctuates at cruise and after 15 mins of cruis engine runs rough,so changed :engine(complete without exhaust)propeller,fuel system, disconected all electrics and ran engine no change so that leave 1 thing the origanal exhaust..now it has been modified the elbow join is gone and th flange on the exspasion chamber has been cut and a piece of car exhaust(10" long) slevved in and welde so its now longer and only a 2 piece...so you think this is the cause of all my grief(apperently after purchace the ex-owner fessed up and told me its always had a slight "flat spot")....the exhausst has been modified to bend under the plane in the center line.
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