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    Go to the top of the page and click on "support" and open the installation manual for the 447,503, and 587. It has a complete wiring diagram to show you what goes where. As to the spark plug wires, it doesn't matter which cylinder you plug them into. Both plugs fire together at the top and the bottom of the stroke. Sounds crazy, but it's the best way to design a simple system.


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    Got the engine mounted onto the airframe today. It took two of us, and we found that using a tie-down strap worked wonders. As we got it close, we used the crank to hold it in place and I balanced it while we installed the mount bolts.

    We did get it to fire today, but had to squirt some fuel into the carbs to get it to fire up each time we started it. Turns out the small fuel lines used for priming are all cracked. We replaced all the large fuel lines.

    After getting it running, it seems sluggish. It doesn't want to run at higher end of throttle, and is slow to respond. I feel that one carb is running rich and one is lean. He's running the mikuni carbs that come factory on 503 ski doo's. Does anyone have input on where to start for carb settings and tuning?


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    Hi Clint,

    You can get the manual for the 503 right here on the forum and it will give you all that type of info. You'll need it anyway for everything else.


    Print all 4 manuals out. You'll need them.

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