On the Rotax site it states 1200 for EGT but I can't find the correct readings for the CHT. I read yesterday on a forum that it is 375-430 with a max of 480. If this is true then I am good to go but I am hitting 400 from time to time as a high then it backs down to 350 + -. This engine has 13 hours on it and starts easily and runs extremely strong. I had issues I thought with EGT as one would go over the 1200 but that ended up being a bad sensor and my EGT's seem to be doing good now. Any help appreciated and I would like to know where to look for the spec from Rotax ------thanks------------rick
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    by » 11 years ago

    All the latest Rotax manuals are available free to download on this web site,

    They give a normal fig of 350f - 430f with a Max of 480f

    I run a new 503ditc fan cooled pusher with 25hrs and for some reason it never gets into the normal range...running at around 300f...not sure why this should be,

    So it looks like your is in the correct range...is it free or fan cooled ???

    If you look under support you will find the engine manuals for download,


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    by » 11 years ago

    Thanks Nick, makes me feel a lot better as I thought I had a problem. Mine is fan cooled and my belt was pretty loose so I thought when I tightened it my problem would go away but it made no difference. I guess because there wasn't a problem. What should I set my high limit on my EIS to?------thanks------rick

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