I have one question.
On "Maintenance schedule" section of the Rotax 503 MM' ,it states that engine overhul was to be carried out evey five years or every 300HRS whichever comes first, contace authorized, distributor or service center.

I would like to clarity that "5years" meaning whether from the date of engine manufactured or from the date engine was first uesd?

In my case, I have an engine that is manufactured in 2002 , that engine was installed in 2009 and it has 50 hours on it.

Do I have send to the engiine for overhul?
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    Hi Jae,

    Two school's of thought here. I'm kind of in the middle on the 2 strokes.
    Owners building planes should wait until they are ready for the engine mounting before buying and engine to keep from letting it sit for years. The problem with engines that sit long periods is internal gaskets and "O" rings wait for no man and dry out and detiriate whether you use the engine or not. Start up after long periods mean dry internal parts.
    So here are the thoughts. One, it has a lot of time and seals maybe rotten and parts worn from a possible dry start up. Second it may be okay and you need to keep a clost eye on it and absolutely make sure you do the proper timed maint. on it and hope it stays in good shape. I'm sure you will get both answers here on the forum. I know which side Rotax will fall on and which side some users will fall on. It will come down to your decision and a complete and thourogh inspection by the book.

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