Hello,My Rotax 582 blue top with c type gear box has 2stroke oil (clean) weeping from front bottom right corner of engine (exhuast side)between engine block and gearbox mount .
I wipe it off and go for a fly of average 1 hr and after I inspect it and its nice and clean but a couple days later it has a nice clean red drip of 2 stroke oil coming out the corner undernieth.
The oil does not drip to the ground just 1 bead presents itself.EGT are still perfect so not running lean in anyway.Have had a good look and can only see tht it must be oomming from the front carnk seal.
I have a new front crank seal here but after looking at the c type gear box removal Im worried it could be a big job? I have a airshow to attend in 4 weeks so need it right.Any help or thiughts apreciated,,,
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