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Can I be running with too low water temp? I have between 135 and 145 degrees showing on my EIS.
I am have a gyroplane with a VW radiator that is completely exposed to the open air. I am thinking of changing to a smaller radiator and laying back the angle to get less air. I am hoping to have better handling and hotter water temps with the change.

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    You can easily run with low temps if the radiator is too large. You might want to check the thermostat and see if it is working properly. Strangely enough though, even with a good thermostat, you can run low temps. A lot of guys I know even use cardboard and duct tape over the rad in the winter. You can just throw the thermostat in a pot of cold water with a candy thermometer, heat it up and see at what temp the thermostat begins to open.

    I had a182 with an auto radiator and installed a set of louvers I could open or close from the cockpit. Even in the summer I ran with the louvers partially closed.


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    Probably should be running at 150 - 165 degrees Farenheit.

    Cover a 2 inch strip of the radiator with duct tape and go for a fly - you will soon know if that will work.


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    Hi James,

    Running the the proper temp is good and too cold isn't. You can use tape on the radiator which many do during the winter months. I don't block cylinders any more because I have seen too many seizures when there is a change in running parameters or fuel delivery and then your stuck.
    Another solution is to switch coolant from a 50-50 mix to Evans waterless coolant. It is a good coolant, but lacks water so it isn't as efficient so there is a small higher temp penalty for its use. For many of the 912 guys in tight cowled engines that was 20F-30f. It could be different in your particular setup, but the temps will be higher or 50-50 and without and makeshift type solutions.

    Just a though and maybe worth a try.

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