I have served my carbs with new servicekit and after that I got leaking fuel just by opening my fuelvalve.
The fueltank is higher than the carbs.
The fuel is leaking through the air intakefilters.When taking of the the filters, I can see that the fuel is comming through a small hole at the start of the venturi on the lower part of it.

I have changed the valves with the viton tips.What I realized when comparing with the old one , was that the newer had a much stronger
internal spring.

Have anybody realized this sort of problem when overhauling the Bing 54 ?

Best regards

Torstein Riksheim Oslo Norway
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    The internal spring should make no difference in the fuel flow. If anything, a stronger spring would help hold the valve closed. a little more information might help.

    Are both carbs overflowing?

    Is any fuel coming out of the overflow tubes?

    You might check the overflow tubes first. If the holes in the bottom of the plastic tubing are clogged, air cannot vent from the carb bowl and fuel will be forced up through the main jet into the venturi. This air pressure would also prevent the bowl from filling and the float valve would remain open.

    Carefully remove the carb bowl so as to not spill any fuel. The floats should be floating in the fuel with the float pins just touching the fuel. If you remove the floats, the fuel level should be about 12-13mm from the top of the bowl.

    Check the float valve orifice for trash or any buildup that would prevent the float needle from seating.


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    Hi Torstein

    The problem will be that the needle valve is not stopping the flow of fuel.

    You need to remove the needle valve and check there is no dirt in there which is stopping the valve closing properly.

    If you have tried to clean the inlet orifice with something when you cleaned the carb, you may have damaged the seat and it is allowing fuel to seep past the valve.

    Never try to clean or re cut the fuel inlet orifice as you will always end up damaging it.

    This is assuming the carb has been rebuilt properly and the floats and hinge are ok and fitted properly.


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