I have a question on carburetors used on the 377. I see that the Ultralight 377 uses the Bing 54, and the sleds use the Mikuni VM. Is there a particular reason for this? Why would the Minuni not be usable on an ultralight engine?


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    Having used both carbs extensively since the 1980's, I would urge you to stick with the Bing. Mikuni owners will always have a wide variety of main and mid-range jets in their bag as they continually struggle to control mixture (temperatures) at the slightest changes in atmospheric pressure and humidity. A Mikuni will drive you CRAZY.

    Bing, on the other hand, is stable and reliable. Yes, there has been some problems with the floats but that issue seems to be behind us now.

    "Finiky" (Mikuni) is for racing bikes that need top performance for a few laps.

    "Dependable" (Bing) is what you want when your Quicksilver is carrying you home over the wooded area you had to cross (like I did today) and you really need the Rotax to keep on keepin' on.

    Rotax and Bing are like a hand in a well fitting glove. It's a beautiful thing.

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     Thank you, Sir! 

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