During a 200 hour check of the carburetors (R912), I discovered the jet needle could rotate/move around. I took it apart and everything looked normal. Im new in Bing 64, but have flew alot with Bing 54 (two-stroke) there has an O-ring on the Jet needle to ensure it does not rotate.

On the Bing 64 is also an O-ring on the Jet needle that sits between the circlip and big aluminum screw. I assume this O-ring must avoid the same movement of the Jet needle. Rotax call its "Damping" in SI-912-012:

But to be save I ordered new parts: Jet needle (961 215) (pos 16), Circlip (945 786) (pos 17), O-Ring 2,5x1,5-N (950 430)(pos 18), Fixation Screw (961 293) (pos 19).

But there is still a lot of movement in Jet needle when all is put and tightened again. ? Is this normal?

See the video of it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sp4abkguEdQ

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