Hello, I changed the oil of my Rotax 912 UL today, but I have some questions . I removed one spark plug from each cylinder, for easier rotation of engine, but after several turns with oil tank filled, I didn't hear the gurgle sound, then I reinstalled the spark and so could hear the gurgle after few turns of engine. I proceeded with normal oil change, run engine and all was ok, oil pressure at 60PSI with 70ºC, after about 10 minutes running.
1. Is there some problem to turn engine without spark plugs ?
2. Can I have problems with air into valve tappets ?
3. Why it didn't gurgle without spark plugs ?

Ricardo Urio
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    by » 13 years ago

    Hi Ricardo,

    Your oil gets moved around when you rotate the prop for the oil check with crankcase pressure. When you took the plugs out there was no pressure.
    No valve issue.

    Roger Lee
    LSRM-A & Rotax Instructor & Rotax IRC
    Tucson, AZ Ryan Airfield (KRYN)
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    Thank you said by: Ricardo Urio

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