In a new Rotax 912 80 HP engine, I have a significant oil loss through the tube that comes out of the fuel pump. As information I can provide that I have a constant oil pressure of 4.5 Bar regardless of the rpm regime and engine temperature. oil. The engine works correctly, but I can't figure out why the oil is leaking through the fuel pump drain pipe.

Thanks for the help from Spain

Alejandro Zapata

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    Run your drain tube into a container and measure the volume.  Until you can quantify the actual volume it is not an issue.  The spec for oil consumption listed is below.  

    Oil consumption Max. 0.06 l/h (0.13 liq pt/h) This is listed in the operators manual. 

    It is normal to see oil traces in the drain line.  If the drain line has an outlet into low pressure this may increase the oil seen.  If you have not yet checked the crankcase pressure (as seen in the test from the installation manual) this may be a possible cause for oil being pushed from the engine past the seal. 


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