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    Hi Sean

    It is indeed possible.  Once I had an engine that we found a tiny piece of rubber from inside the fuel line had come off and got into the tiny chamber just over the needle inlet inside the carb body.   High EGT suggests you are running lean so if you are confident in your fuel think of something that may be allowing air to enter that side.  In my case it was intermittent and with vibration it would block or unblock with running.  It however was also rough running, which you have not stated has occurred.  Carefully check the intake socket for sealing/splitting and if you ever had the intake runners off suspect a split O-ring on the manifold to cylinder head.  


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    Never had the manifolds off/near new engine - still under 80 hrs.

    Never noticed loss of power/rough running/change in engine note/vibration.

    Heading to airfield in a few minutes - as a first step, will remove float bowls and check for debris/water/etc 


    Several hours later:

    No foreign material/water/etc in float chamber

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