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    Hi everyone...

    The reason for the double bullitians is regulatory.  EASA insists that certified engine serials not be mixed into any SB with experimental.  This creates some real problems for Rotax in that double information can get tainted over time.  For that reason the experimental version of any SB will only tell you what it is about and the serial ranges affected.  They will then direct you to the certified version of the SB for the details of any work or parts requirements.  Should a change be implemented it is easier for the tracking and follow-up to keep the details in the certified SB.  

    In years past they did mix them but it was a large hammer that stopped it.  Logic, from our side, was never a consideration as this is a regulatory decision.  


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    Thank you all. 

    The "penny dropped" in the early hours of this morning. My apologise for being so slow.

    Both SB's are valid, one for certified , the other for uncertified engines.

    If my serial numbers are in one of the documents, it will not appear in the other, however the SB remains valid.

    My task now is to find out if this work (replacing the circlip) has been done or not,  on my carburettors.

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    If you do have to change the circlips…

    Once you get the piston out and the diaphragm removed, then use a heat gun to warm up the fixation screw that holds the needle captive in the piston. The fixation screw is aluminum with a slotted head, and is put in with Loctite 243.  It can be difficult to remove and a little heat helps.   

    Thank you said by: Sean Griffin, RotaxOwner Admin

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