I have been using Never Seize on my plugs for years and can detect no problem. Is this new WizBang thermal paste a real advance over the paste? If so, what? Paul H Reactionary
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    Hi Paul,

    Anti seize is okay for the GA crowd with other engines and it's there only for galling. The paste we use and even some of the GA guys are switching to conducts heat. It is used widely in the electronics industry. The plugs and the head metal can now operate at a more even temp. This practice has been with Rotax for many years. Anti seize doesn't hurt anything it just doesn't do anything. If you are worried about the galling the silicone based thermal paste does the same as the anti seize in that department.

    To answer your question: yes there is a difference between the two.

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    You can get the thermal paste at Radio Shack or most any electronics supplier. It's the same stuff they use for heat sinks in computers. It made the use of smaller heat sinks possible because it really does improve the heat transfer.


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    Thanks for the reply. I will now see if anybody in this backwoods part of the world has some. Paul H.

    P.S. I will be flying the Morning Glory again this year. Last year managed 2 1/2 hrs and over 150 miles in not very good conditions. Now that El Nino has temporarily moved on, we hope for the best. If you are not aware of the Morning Glory, google same. A similar wave occurrs in the Gulf of Mexico.

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