What is an acceptable difference for the CHT's as I am getting the 190F on number 2 Cylinder and 230F on number 3, at cruise? When I climb out the number 2 gets to 210, number 3 temp gets to 260F. I am concerned about number 3 temps. The Carbs have been synced at 3000 rpm and all coolant hoses have been checked and are OK. Thoughts please.
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    by » 13 years ago

    Hi Phil,

    It would be nice to know what the EGT's are for the same cylinders? If you have the info CHT's and EGT's for # 1 & 4? You are right that 40F is a pretty wide spread. I'm any where from 0-10F difference and 15F would be acceptable.

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    Hi Roger
    Thanks for the reply, I have not yet fitted egt to the aircraft. I will need to buy suitable equipment as I do not have compatible equipment. I will repost when I get egt's fitted

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