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    Hi Bill,

    As far as I know all the rebuild kits the dealers offer are always for both carbs. I haven't seen any different. I like the one CPS offers as I think it is more complete if you want to do the entire carb rebuilt over just replacing the "O" rings. $249 is for everything inside except the floats.

    Something else everyone should think about is common terminology for the carbs rebuild/inspection so everyone starts to get on the same page. The Line Maint. manual says at the 200 hr. check to do an "Inspection". This is not a rebuild. It is only an inspection and many mechanics replace just the "O" rings. That isn't a rebuild and is just poor terminology on their part.
    A rebuild is just that. Replacement of the "O" rings, choke "O" rings, new float bowl gasket, new choke gasket, Diaphragm, float needle, needle, main jet, removal of the butterfly and replacement of those "O" rings. Many mechanics are to worried about removal of the butterfly because of the two little screws. It really is quite easy.

    So we should strive to use the proper terminology. Call an inspection just that with only "O" replacement.

    I do lots of carb rebuilds every year so if someone needs help with it or just wants to send them off to me let me know and or you can call if you need help.
    That said there is no replacement for training. Rotax does this training in the Heavy maint class.

    Roger Lee
    LSRM-A & Rotax Instructor & Rotax IRC
    Tucson, AZ Ryan Airfield (KRYN)
    520-349-7056 Cell

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    Make sure your engine throttle is fully closed. Want start even with partial throttle opening.

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