I am still chasing the fuel venting problem. Tonight I removed the carburators and inspected the float arms. The distance from the mating surface of the carb bowl to the float arm is supposed to be 10.5. Mine was not close.
The number stamped on the jet is 186. I couldn't remember what the old carburators had in them. Is the jet size right for a 80 horse ul.
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    Hi Jay,

    Here is the page right out of the Heavy Maint. manual. The main jet size should be a 155-158 for the UL-F. Double check the numbers on your jets and use a magnifying glass if need be to make sure.

    I recommend that everyone download all the Rotax manuals for your engine. Most answers to question can be found there.
    CarbJets.pdf (You do not have access to download this file.)

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