Is it possible to flood the engine when applying the choke and the fuel pump ON simultaneously?

If yes what is the remedy?

It started without problems the day before but today I could not start the Rotax912 UL and waited a while but it would not start.

Try again tomorrow.

Best regards Jan

    by » 12 years ago

    Hi Jan

    It is possible to flood the engine if you put the choke on and it doesn't start within a couple of seconds.

    The remedy is to close the choke and open the throttle to full power. Turn the engine over until it fires, which might be 4 or 5 seconds, and then close the throttle immediately it fires.

    If it doesn't fire after about 10 seconds of doing this, go back to full choke and throttle fully closed.

    Make sure you don't have the throttle open slightly with the choke on.

    To start a cold engine :- Full choke, no throttle.
    To start a flooded engine :- Full throttle, no choke.

    Good luck


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