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    Hi Ivor,

    Since you have a Dynon D120 there are a few other items. First I have the same setup for the last 6 years. Having the fuel pressure sender below the engine or carbs makes no difference. I used to have mine hanging down at the bottom of the engine on the firewall (remote mounted for vibration), but after a year the sender would get clogged up with old stale auto fuel that never was refreshed and I would have to pull it off and clean it. I see this happen on many aircraft in this configuration. Then I mounted it above the carb and balance tube and it has been that way for 4 years without ever having a single issue. Now the fuel drains away from the sender when I park it and doesn't sit and get old, stale and clog the little orifice in the sender. The fuel pressure stays at 4.5 to 4.8 all the time (new style pump). Fuel pressure can fluctuate a little. The other item to look at here is your fuel transducer. It should not be in a high spot compared to the engine and have at least 6" on both sides of flat hose that does not rise. If the install is improperly done then air bubbles get stuck here and can cause your fluctuation and poor flow readings (if you have a fuel flow transducer).

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