Once a carb sync is done on the 912 ULS is it right to assume that as long as the Dynon shows equal EGTs from right to left that the carbs have remained in sync.???

If the carbs come out of sync it should show on the EGts(becoming unequal) provided the dynon and probes are working properly Correct ???????
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    Hi Brad,

    The answer to your first question is only a partial yes, but a partial no.

    If the carbs are equal the EGT's should be closer together, but there are others factors that may make the EGT's have a separation. The probes alone can shown inequality for example. It would take the carbs to be out quite a ways before you may be able to pick up on any kind of a difference.
    If the left side was running at let's say 5100 rpm and the right trying to run at 5200 rpm you may not see any difference at all. I sync every set of carbs for 100 hr and annual inspections no matter if it was just done 50 hrs ago. Yes they may be right on, but most need a little tweaking. Believe it or not a throttle linkage plays a big part in whether you keep the carbs in sync or even how easy or hard it is to sync them at all. many linkages don't return each carb back to the exact place every time and that adds to some frustration for some owners. They think it's the carbs fault when it really is their throttle linkage setup.

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