Unfortunately, consumption and performance data given by Rotax are sketchy at best. I ask for interpretation of the prformance/consumption graph given in the owner manual (see attachment):

From top to bottom, the curves give
1. max torque
2. max power
3. theoretical propeller power requirement
4. manifold pressure
5. comsumption (refering to propeller curve)

I don't understand curve 4 and 5. In the German as well as in the English language version of the manual, it is laid out that these curves refer to the propeller curve. For my understanding, that means that for a given rpm with the manifold pressure given in curve 4, the power indicated at the propeller curve 3 and a consumption as in curve 5 results.

That contradicts the values given at the next page for VP propellers for 75, 65 and 55% of power. I put the power values and the map values in the corresponding areas. The map for 75, 65 and 55% are lower than the given curve 4 and the resulting power is higher than the propeller curve 3.

So: what do the map curve 4 and the consumption in curve 5 relate to?

Thanks and kind regards


Hopefully the attachement will be visible

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