I'm sure this has been discussed many times - but I cannot find the info - torque values for cylinder heads. Part manual = 90 inlbs plus 180 degrees, SB 912 062 = 90 inlbs + 120 degrees. Which neither help for checking torque - only installing new. So... question is - what is the torque value to check cylinder head bolts? (912 ULS)

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    Hi Richard,

    This type of head torque application is very common on vehicles and other engines. There would not even be a way to check torque with a straight torque number unless you loosened the nut and torqued it again. If the nut was loose you would be okay, but if it was over tightened or had any Loctite or corrosion then it wouldn't work and it still would need to be loosened and torqued again. If nothing has been touched or changed since it came from the factory you may not even need to bother.

    So if you want to check the torque on these nuts they need to be loosened and apply 90 in/lbs and then the 120 degree addition to achieve your final torque value.

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    Roger, thank you for the response. Another Rotax owner on the field has had overheating problems and is constantly checking his cylinder head bolts. I am having no problems - everything is operating as it should and I don't want to create any problems, so I will leave it alone. I have no idea what torque he is using - I just wanted to make sure anything I did was by the book. Thanks Again.

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