I fly an RV12 with a rotax 912. Has no carby heat control. I have flown it regularly for over 12 months and never experienced carby icing. Would like to know best way to avoid it. And hear of other people's experience.
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    Hi Ian,

    If I remember right your RV12 has individual K&N filters on each carb?

    You are then running all the hot air under the cowl into the carbs and that hot air helps reduce the chance of carb ice. Engine's like nice cool dry air for overall best performance and so aircraft that use outside air with some moisture in it and within a certain temperature range are more likely to form carb ice over you. Their engine performance may be a tad better, but not so much you could personally tell a difference.

    As an example someone living in the UK has the right climate mix on a regular basis to form carb ice over someone from the hot dry deserts of Arizona where the humidity is only 9% and the temps are 90F-105F.

    Rotax does advise the installation of a carb heat system. Many aircraft MFG's are now installing them. The Rotax 912 airbox has such a system. It basically introduces hot air into the carbs when the pilot activates the system.

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