I purchased a new 914 several months ago. My plan was to have it running by this fall but have come to the conclusion that it is not going to happen before winter sets in (Wisconsin). It is already out of the crate and sitting on the airframe. Fuel lines are plumbed and oil lines are in except the oil cooler which should be completed before it gets below freezing. Coolant lines have not been started with the factory caps still in place.

Question is what should be done to an engine that has not yet been run (except at the factory) to preserve it for the winter ahead. The operators manual in chapter 8.1 shows what to do but has steps of running the engine -- which I cannot do. Can't find what to do with a new engine that has not been run.

I am assuming since I have exposed it to the elements already, the 12 month factory preservation no longer applies. It will probably be 4 months of sitting before it gets warm enough to continue. Hoping for a late spring/early summer for first start.
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