Does anyone know what the difference is between the Decoding unit (Dongle) p/n 966675 and the dongle 966670?
Is one of them only for reading from TCU and the other for both reading and writing to the TCU?

We have problems to update the Throttle calibration with the Dongle 966670.
We can only read values from the TCU and cannot upload the new Throttle calibration.
It is an old TCU that need to have the Dongle for communication.

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    If you have not already done so, you may find it helpful to review the videos



    https://www.rotax-owner.com/videos-topmenu/elearning-videos/481 / https://www.rotax-owner.com/videos-topmenu/elearning-videos/478

    for more information...

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    966670 is the end-user version of the dongle, its functions are:

    ➪ Verification of function of all sensors and pick-ups
    ➪ Check of throttle potentiometer (throttle position)
    ➪ On-line data recording of the turbo control
    ➪ quick analysis of errors

    966675 is the distributor-only calibration version and requires special software not available to end-users.

    It has all the functions of the 966670, plus the following:

    ➪ Input of engine serial number and hours of operation
    ➪ Calibration of the throttle potentiometer
    ➪ Display of TCU control data

    Contact your regional distributor or their nearest service center, to obtain access to a 966675 dongle

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    We have been in contact with an dealer and a service center her in Sweden, but they claim that they don’t have the 966675 dongle. They was actually asking if they can borrow or 966670 dongle.

    Is it possible to find a circuit diagram of the 966675 dongle to make an copy?
    I´m an electrical engineer so i have the knowledge to make one if I got the right information.

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    The 966670 dongle is actually out of production now.

    Your Swedish distributor can certainly order a 966675 dongle from ROTAX, and to be honest I find it odd that they do not have one in stock, as it's common practice for distributors to have a loaner unit on hand to loan out to certified iRMT technicians in their region.

    The Canadian distributor confirms they have a 966675 dongle available to sell to the Swedish distributor right now, if it could somehow expedite things. But it's very likely that the ROTAX factory has some in stock,so it should be quicker for the Swedish distributor to obtain one from them!

    The 966675 circuitry (and its accompanying software!) is proprietary design that is legally protected by ROTAX intellectual property rights, so no - a circuit diagram is not available for your reverse-engineering pleasure. But definitely a 966675 dongle is available to your Swedish distributor and their certified iRMT service network, so you should accept no excuses from them!

    Are you certain that you are actually in contact with the right people? Here is the published contact information for the Swedish distributor...

    Lycon Engineering AB
    74596 Enköping
    Phone: 0046 171 414039
    Email: info@lycon.se
    Website: www.lycon.se

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    Yes we have been in contact with Lycon Engineering. He told us there is no 966675 dongle to find in northern Europa. We should try to contact him once more and refer to your answer.
    Hope he will bother to help us!

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